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Suri Cruise looks exactly like mom Katie Holmes in new photo

Suri Cruise looks exactly like mom Katie Holmes in new photo

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Hollywood legend Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes, looks exactly like her mum. The fresh photos show how much Suri is the mother’s daughter.

The ex-spouse of Tom Cruise has published the new photos of Suri, the 10-year-old girl sitting on the shoulders of one of their family members. Suri looks unexpectedly grown up in a white cardigan, the girl smiles and looks like her star mum.
suri-tom-cruise-reunited-after-months-apart-PPHolmes has revealed her plans regarding career, Katie told that the director’s profession is much more stable than an actor one. That’s why Ms Holmes will be soon a director rather than the actress. Katie will shift the occupation for the sake of her daughter Suri.

Looking at the Suri’s photos, people understand that the girl has inherited the features of both parents, not only Katie. When the girl is serious, she a look-alike Tom, while Suri is making grimaces or laughing, she is looking like mum Katie.

Tom Cruise was in London last week, the Mummy star was invited as a special gust to Buckingham Palace for the charity’s anniversary dinner. The actor was smiling and laughing together with Prince of Edinburgh.