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Sussex Royal trademark was just blocked

Sussex Royal trademark was just blocked

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, are no longer royals, so, their trademark related to the royals was just blocked.

Though Harry and Meghan are no longer going to be using their Royal Highness titles, the couple has already begun the process of trademarking Sussex Royal. It is pretty logically that their efforts are being blocked.

After Megxit and expressing their desire to become financially independent, both Duke and Duchess should opt another way to make money, without word ‘royal’ at least.

Being a part of the British royal family, the pair had a heart for charity work, mental health issues, education for women and girls, and animal rights. All of those passions can be used to guide their business ventures. And ‘many months of reflection and internal discussions’ between Meghan and Harry should include this vital – financial – aspect.

How rich are Meghan and Harry?

Presently, the Sussexes have a combined personal fortune of $30 million. In other words, such wealth could easily compare Sussexes to any former presidents.

After splitting from the Firm, for young rebels, it’s vital to keep the “royal” aspect of their branding — no need to say that it could be worth billions. However, the couple’s trademark was just blocked by an Australian doctor who filed a complaint against the trademark.

Though the public just uncovered the Sussexes’ trademark paperwork in the weeks leading up to their resignation, it appears that the pair have been planning their exit for some time.

The application was submitted in June 2019 and covers printed materials — like magazines and booklets — as well as clothing items, education, social care services, and charitable fundraising.

“Filing a notice of threatened opposition is relatively easy and can be done online for free,” Lee Curtis, a chartered trademark attorney commented on. Meanwhile, the Sussex’s lawyer team has another point of view.