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Sweden edges closer to a new government: Crucial week starts

Sweden edges closer to a new government: Crucial week starts

Sweden’s political deadlock seems to be ended soon, according to the recent government deal between four parties, which was announced on Friday. Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven stay on as prime minister, while parliamentary speaker will announce the new candidate for PM on Monday afternoon, The Local Sweden reports.

The political crisis is going to be ended this week, which promises to be criucial for Swcrucialolitics. On Monday, Andreas Norlén will announce the new candidate for PM right after meeting with the leaders of several parties during the day, beginning with Stefan Löfven.

A parliamentary vote on Wednesday could be the final, Sweden MPs will vote in the third time since the September 9th election. Stefan Löfven and Ulf Kristersson have previously been rejected by parliament.

Over the weekend, the boards of the Centre Party, Green Party and Liberals all voted in favour of adopting the agreement, which allows to choose a new PM. Since September, the parliamentary crisis is deepening month by month.

If Löfven is proposed as prime minister and fails to pass the parliamentary vote, Norlén has said that a fourth and final vote on a PM candidate – likely Kristersson – would take place before the end of January. However, this could be postponed if the speaker believes that more time will allow the parties to reach a workable compromise.

If both votes are unsuccessful, Sweden must hold another general election, which will have to take place on a Sunday within three months of the final prime ministerial vote.