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Sweden reports more covid-19 patients in intensive care

Sweden reports more covid-19 patients in intensive care

Sweden’s Intensive Care Register (ICR) reports on overloading, there are more covid-19 patients than during the second wave of the pandemic.

The ICR data shows that a total of 391 covid-19 patients received intensive care treatment in Sweden on Monday. More than 80 percent of them have some type of underlying health condition that puts them at higher risk of serious infection like corona, and 70 percent are men.

According to the ICR’s statistics, they are still fewer than during the first wave, at the end of April 2020, when Sweden’s intensive care wards treated as many as 558 corona patients on the same day.

Despite the vaccination programme, the number of people dying after testing positive for covid-19 remains at a lower level than during the 2nd wave. At the same time, more and more 65+ people and other risk groups are getting vaccinated. In Sweden, 16.6 percent of the adult population had received their first dose of a vaccine against the novel pathogen.

As The Local Sweden has learned, thanks to the improved organization of medical work, this year, Sweden copes with the COVID-19 better than in the previous year.