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Sweden’s PM self-isolates after potential exposure to coronavirus

Sweden’s PM self-isolates after potential exposure to coronavirus

Stefan Lofven confirmed he in self-isolation after potentially being exposed to the COVID-19, Bloomberg News has learned.

Sweden’s prime minister wrote on his Facebook that someone in his vicinity had been close to another person who had contracted corona. To avoid further dissemination of potential problem, both Lofven and his wife have now chosen to isolate themselves on the advice of a doctor.

“That is the only responsible thing to do in this situation,” said prime minister, who has no symptoms and is working remotely from home.

According to the top Sweden official, the development is going in the wrong direction, and its fast speed is frightening. The possible exposure of the Swedish official comes as the country face a new wave of restrictions after daily COVID-19 cases hit a record and the death toll once again begins to tick higher.

The EU country of 10 million people now has 134,532 reported cases and nearly 6,000 deaths. “Now, every citizen needs to take responsibility. We know how dangerous this is,” Lofven stressed.

The new restrictions kicking in on Tuesday include limits on capacity in restaurants and cafes with a maximum of eight people at any table.

In his message about self-isolation, PM Lofven urged people to maintain the health protocol to avoid the infection. “More are infected. More die. This is a serious situation,” he said.