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Swedish parliament approves ban on coal, oil and natural gas mining

Swedish parliament approves ban on coal, oil and natural gas mining

The government has proposed to limit mining in the country due to the negative impact on the environment. The Swedish Parliament approved amendments to the environmental code, they will come into force on July 1, 2022

“The Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) has agreed to new rules regarding the extraction of substances that have a negative impact on people and the environment. The proposal means a ban on the extraction of hard and brown coal, crude oil, shale oil and natural gas. Permits will no longer be issued,” the official statement said.

The decision means that the person applying for a permit to work with alum must meet certain requirements. Amendments to the Environmental Code and the Subsoil Law will come into force on July 1, 2022.

Since 1990, Sweden has been reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The country prefers biofuels over oil. In addition, almost 100% of the garbage in Sweden is recycled and reused.

Earlier, the Swedish parliament also called on the government to take measures to stop imports of Russian energy resources, in particular oil and gas.

“Measures should be taken to ensure that Sweden, if possible, stops importing Russian energy sources, especially fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil. <…> Various legally and practically possible alternatives should be considered, both in terms of urgent and longer-term measures to ensure Sweden’s energy supply,” the Riksdag said in a statement.

Sweden itself does not produce oil and gas, but in recent years the country has switched to renewable energy sources, and has also been building new hydroelectric power plants and nuclear power plants. So, in 2020, natural gas accounted for about 3% of Sweden’s total energy supply.