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Switzerland doubles Pfizer-Biontech vaccine order

Switzerland doubles Pfizer-Biontech vaccine order

Switzerland of 8.6 million people has struck deals with several plants for almost 36 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Despite that quantity is more than enough to inoculate the entire population twice over, the Alpine nation had bought an additional three million Pfizer/BioNTech doses.

The Swiss health ministry clarified the idea to supply more vaccines. The jabs from different manufacturers are to make sure that sufficient doses of an approved vaccine are available to the public even if there are delivery problems

“The extra doses will be delivered in stages from April onwards,” a statement reads.

As of mid-March, Switzerland is hoping to vaccinate every adult over the coming months. If everything goes to plan, everyone who wants a jab will have had one by the summer.

In Switzerland, only two COVID-19 vaccines have been cleared by regulators, the Pfizer jab and one made by Moderna, US.

The Alpine nation expects available drug doses to “increase sharply” over the next three months. In the coming weeks, the EU country expects the next wave of COVID-19 infections.

Switzerland has also bought into the Covax scheme, which should eventually ensure a butch of vaccines for up to 20 percent of its 8.6 million people.