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Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world

Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world

Switzerland set the 1st place in the rating of the most expensive countries globally. As CEO World Magazine reported, the cost of living in the Alpine nation the highest in comparison with 132 countries across the planet.

Switzerland topped the list of most expensive countries to live in well ahead of Norway in second place, with Iceland, Japan and Denmark rounding out the top five. According to the new rankings, put together by CEO World magazine, taking into account rent, groceries, purchasing power, restaurants and the cost of living in 132 countries of the world, Switzerland is the most expensive.

The only bright light in the rankings is Switzerland’s national purchasing power – which also topped the list – perhaps explaining why the Swiss love to travel or even just shop abroad. Undoubtedly, his is more beneficial elsewhere, with the benefits of the country’s excellent purchasing power somewhat eroded by high prices at home.

Even if you’re looking to avoid the grocery shop, the most expensive than anywhere, eating out in Switzerland is also more expensive than anywhere else in the world. However, the rental cost is lower in Switzerland in comparison with Luxembourg or Hong Kong.

On the other side, the least expensive country in Asia is Pakistan, in Europe – Kosovo.

Top 10 most expensive countries: CEO World magazine

  1. Switzerland
  2. Norway
  3. Iceland
  4. Japan
  5. Denmark
  6. Bahamas
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Israel
  9. Singapore
  10. South Korea