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Switzerland’s Basel police unveil cool new customized Tesla response cars

Switzerland’s Basel police unveil cool new customized Tesla response cars

Switzerland is known as a country with high ecological standards, so, police cars are should meet certain requirements. The Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt’s police announced on Thursday their new customized Tesla X 100D emergency response cars.

Basel police paid for seven electric Tesla cars, each of them costs €124,000 but the authorities believe that is a really great investment: the four-wheel drive vehicles with a top speed of around 230 k/ph. he electric vehicles are boasting a 525 horsepower (386kw) engine, police will use ecocars to respond to emergency situations such as road accidents and violent disputes.

According to Basel police, the new Tesla cars will also be used in high-speed chases. After a 14-week customization process in the Netherlands, including a striking blue and yellow paint job, the first three vehicles in the new fleet have arrived.

Basel’s emergency response police cars cover around 100–200 km day and to ensure the new electric fleet don’t run out of juice, the city has installed six charging points. After all, the infrastructure means a lot.

A single hour of charging at one of the points provides the Teslas with enough power for around 85 kilometres, the force said in a presentation on Thursday. Police drivers are now being given special training with the new vehicles.

The first three vehicles are set to hit the road in spring 2019 and a 4 further customized Teslas should join them in the second half of next year.