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Syria: Assad warns Kurds that US ‘will not protect them’ when pentagon withdraws forces

Syria: Assad warns Kurds that US ‘will not protect them’ when pentagon withdraws forces

Syria armed conflict’s new phase will start soon when the United States withdraw its forces from the country. President Assad has already warned that Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters that pentagon ‘will not protect the’ after that move, Daily Mail reported on Monday. 

In Syria, Kurds backed by Washington are on the brink of forcing ISIS from its final patch of territory in eastern Syria. Speaking about the recent state of affairs, Bashar al-Assad emphasized:

‘To those groups who are betting on the Americans, we say the Americans will not protect you… the Americans will put you in their pockets to be used as bargaining tools,’ Syrian leader said and added that every inch of Syria will be liberated, and any intruder is an enemy.

Donald Trump confirmed Pentagon’s plans to withdraw all of the 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria, and the Kurdish-led SDF declared the final push to eliminate ISIS from eastern Syria last Saturday. Under such controversial circumstances, President Assad reiterated that Kurds should be on their own now, with no assistance from Washington.

Syrian Kurdish leaders have sought talks with Assad’s state, hoping to safeguard their autonomous region after the withdrawal of US forces currently backing them. They fear an attack by neighbouring Turkey, which has threatened to crush the Kurdish militia. On the other hand, Ankara sees the Syrian Kurdish fighters as indistinguishable from the Kurdish PKK movement that has waged an insurgency inside Turkey.