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Syria conflict: Peace talks restart in Geneva

Syria conflict: Peace talks restart in Geneva

Syria conflict is going on as well the efforts of the international community to end this civil war in the Middle East region. The new round of peace talks shouls start in Geneva, Staffan de Mistura insists that the government’s 18-strong delegation is in Switzerland “to work”.

Syria nd is non-stopping armed conflict is in the centre of the United Nations’ attention. The UN has convened a new round of indirect Syrian peace talks in Geneva, despite President Assad dismissing them as irrelevant.

According to the new approach, the paece talks will have four “baskets” – a political transition, new constitution, elections and combating terrorism. Both Syrian government and opposition have agreed to discuss these issues, and at the same time, the Syrian president found the new round of UN-lead peace talks irrelevant, saying this process will give “nothing substantial”.

Image result for mistura unPeace talks on Syria: Geneva and Astana processes

The UN peace talks will be held in Geneva, on Monday, Staffan de Mistura informed press on the intention to be “more businesslike, both in our meetings and in the way we hope we can get some progress”.

The rooms would be small, the meetings would be more interactive and frequent, and discussions would be focused on particular subjects in an effort to achieve “more movement”, he said.

He also played down last week’s dismissive comments by Syria’s president, who said the Geneva talks were “merely a meeting for the media” and praised the parallel process taking place in Kazakhstan’s capital that has been organised by the government’s allies Russia and Iran, along with key opposition backer Turkey.