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Syria: UN suspends all aid after convoy hit

Syria: UN suspends all aid after convoy hit

Syria and a recent tragic incident in Aleppo made UN suspend all aid convoys–after a devastating air attack on its lorries on Monday the humanitarian aid for the city has stopped.

Syria and its Red Crescent society informed about the strikes, which destroyed 18 of the 31 UN lorries. According to the officials, they were bringing wheat, clothes and medical kit to the area around Urum al-Kubra near Aleppo.

The Syrian officials reported on 20 killed civilians, among them was a senior local official of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Both Syrian and Russian forces said that they were not involved in the tragic incident and insists it was not hitting convoy but fire.

However, a local activist said he was a witness of the attack and saw the Russian reconnaissance planes, apparently filming the passage of the convoy. Probably, they were filming the UN aid convoy route. According to this activist, first barrel bombs have fallen down at 19:00 local time on Monday. This was followed by rocket and machine-gun fire from a helicopter, but state Syrian media finds this information fake.

Following the attack, a senior administration official at the US President Office said of the ceasefire in Syria: “We don’t know if it can be salvaged.” The strike on the aid convoy appeared to deliver a death blow to the ceasefire, which was the latest failed attempt to halt a war in Syria.