Today: Saturday, 25 May 2024 year

Ending Terrorism in Syria: Bashar al-Assad’s Solution to Syria’s Political Turmoil

The president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad had shared his judgment on how to rescue Syria from its long history of civil wars and political disorders. Bashar al-Assad verbalized that the abolition of the terrorist groups will result to armistice, and end the country’s fighting.

It was in March 2011 that the violence in Syria began. Rebel forces who wanted Bashar al-Assad out waged war with the government, killing more than 200,000 people since then, BBC reported. BBC also reported that the current situation now in Syria is that it has become a battle ground between those for and against President Assad. The conflict is not only internal, but has also drawn neighboring countries and the world powers.

After 4 and a half years of fighting, thousands have been displaced, killed or fled abroad.  And with the growth of the rebel groups, it would be hard to ignore the huge possibility of terrorist attacks. However, countries such as Russia offers Syria assistance to contain terrorism. During the visit of the Russian parliamentary delegation in Damascus, Bashar al-Assad had made his remarks to end terrorism.

It was just in September that Russia, being an ally of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, had launched airstrikes to target Islamic State groups. Although this action had raised issues with the world powers, and with the Islamist rebels, Mr. Assad commended Russia’s intervention.  Both Mr. Assad and Moscow’s military agreed that they are both fighting against terrorism. Russia had offered its help to the rebels if they are targeting Islamic State, however, unlike Bashar al-Assad’s friendly relations with the Russians, the Free Syrian Army rebels have not accepted the proposal. Instead, they believe Russians cannot be trusted.

Syria’s situation is very damaging to the country’s economy and people. The leadership of Mr. Assad is very crucial in reconstructing Syria’s political system. The question is whether Bashar al-Assad would be able to gain back his authority after the people in a nationwide protest commanded his ultimate resignation.

The problem of Syria cannot be resolved easily, however, immediate intervention is needed to stop the uprising of more violence.