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Szijjártó criticized the investigation into the Nord Stream bombing.

Szijjártó criticized the investigation into the Nord Stream bombing.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said in an interview that he does not see the countries’ intention to make progress in the investigation into the circumstances of the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

“I really find it outrageous and scandalous that no progress has been made in the investigation into the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline,” Szijjártó said.

This happened over a year ago. There is no progress and I don’t really see any intention of making progress, which is outrageous because like the recent attack in the Baltics, Europe’s critical infrastructure has been attacked,” the minister said.

He added that Hungary stands for a thorough, comprehensive and in-depth investigation both in the case of sabotage at Nord Stream and in the situation with what happened at Balticconnector.

The Balticconnector gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland is not operating due to a possible leak, since on the evening of October 8 the pressure in the underwater pipe dropped and the system managers of Estonia and Finland cut off the gas supply. Finnish border guards discovered a gas pipeline leak. The Central Criminal Police believes that the damage was most likely caused deliberately. The location of the leak is in Finnish territorial waters.

Balticconnector is a gas pipeline along the bottom of the Gulf of Finland about 80 kilometers long between Inkoo in Finland and Paldiski in Estonia. Both countries have compressor stations and onshore gas transportation routes that connect the gas pipeline to the country’s transport network. Balticconnector was launched in December 2019.