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Adele is the British singer, one of the greatest in the world musical history. Adele was born in 1988, her debut album ‘19’ became a real event in the music industry.

Adele’s next albums ‘21’ and ‘25’ made her a leading pop singer in the UK and around the world. The singer got many musical awards and even sang the theme song to the 2012 James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ and earned an Oscar nomination for best original song.

Adele is known for her smoky voice and plus-sized body, which she uses to belt out power ballads and soul-tinged pop. In 2012, at the peak of her vocal career, the singer had unexpected surgery on her vocal cords, this pause has temporarily derailed her rise, but she returned to perform ‘Rolling in the Deep’ at the Grammy Awards in 2012. That night she took home all six Grammys.

The biggest success waited for Adele’s third album–‘25’ and its hit single “Hello” was released in 2015 to stellar sales, it’s been sold 3.38 million copies in the United States through its first week.
Adele and her personal life
Adele is engaged to Simon Konecki, the father of her the only child. The son named Angelo was born in October of 2012, the happy mother said that she wants to have a trio of boys by the time she’s 30. Simon is Adele’s longtime boyfriend, but in October 2016, he made the proposal to her beloved woman, and she answered yes. The wedding ceremony will be set in Los Angeles during Christmas holiday in 2016.

The personal life of the singer, thus, will change soon, the wedding ceremony will be set in Los Angeles during Christmas holiday in 2016.

Adele is the philanthropy as well, the artist is the co-founder of the charity drop4drop.

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