Today: Monday, 26 February 2024 year

Taiwan has imposed export restrictions on 22 key technologies.

Taiwan has imposed export restrictions on 22 key technologies.

Taiwan has identified a list of 22 key technologies, the export of which to foreign countries would harm the interests of the island, follows from a statement by the Taiwan National Science and Technology Committee.

The list contains defense technologies, space technologies, technologies from the field of agriculture, semiconductors, and information security.

Key technologies are defined as those that, if penetrated into foreign countries or hostile forces abroad, “would cause serious harm to national security.”

In stipulating the protection of semiconductor technologies in particular, the committee emphasized that Taiwan’s semiconductor industry ranks first in the global market, is closely linked to the development of related industrial chains, and has a great impact on the island’s economic development and industrial competitiveness.

The committee noted that the creation of a list of national key technologies is aimed at ensuring national security and industrial competitiveness, strengthening the protection of trade secrets associated with national key technologies, and preventing the illegal outflow of key technologies abroad, which could infringe on the interests of Taiwan and its industry.