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Taiwan passes first law in Asia to ban the eating of cats and dogs

Taiwan passes first law in Asia to ban the eating of cats and dogs

Taiwan banned the consumption of cats and dogs meat, the country became the first in the Asia region, which officially not allowed using these kinds of meat in the traditional cuisine. 

Taiwan legislators banned the consumption of cats and dogs, this measure aimed at the strengthening the animal protection laws, moreover, this ban also covers the selling, purchase and possession or dog or cat carcases. For Taiwan, it is really unexpected legislative measure because the cats and dogs are part of the national cuisine, there is a special Yulin dog festival where visitors can choose the dog for eating its meat later.

The international animal rights campaigners believe that is the first step, which gets Taiwan closer to the protection of animals’ rights. The eating of dog and cat meat is not unusual in parts of Asia, so, implementing this law will be a real challenge for the country.

Taiwan: dog meat culture and law

Taiwan had previously banned the sale of dog meat but in 2011 the Taipei Times published claims by activists that slaughterhouses and dog meat restaurants were escaping prosecution. By the way, in 2017, the lamb hotpot restaurant was found to be serving dog meat to cut costs.

Yulin dog meat festival in June

A new Taiwanese law reads the list of penalties for those who will be found guilty of eating cat or dog meat can be subject to a fine of between £1,300 and £6,500. Offenders also face public shaming and those who repeatedly break the law face fines of up to £130,000 respectively.

The new ban also includes a clause making it illegal to walk a dog by attaching it to a motor vehicle, the China Post informed.