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Taliban’s UN envoy Suhail Shaheen Afghan to speak to world leaders

Taliban’s UN envoy Suhail Shaheen Afghan to speak to world leaders

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres received the communication with the letterhead “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” signed by “Ameer Khan Muttaqi” as “Minister of Foreign Affairs,” requesting to participate in the UN gathering of the high-ranking political leaders. This week, Afghanistan named Mohammad Suhail Shaheen to speak to them.

Afghanistan is scheduled to give the last speech on the final day of the high-level meeting on Sept. 27. Meantime, Mr Muttaqi said in the letter that former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was “ousted”, so, the globe no longer recognizes him as president. Therefore, Isaczai no longer represents Afghanistan, UNSG press secretary Dujarric said.

The Taliban confirmed that a new UN permanent representative, Mohammad Suhail Shaheen, will be the UN envoy to Afghanistan. spokesman said. He has been a spokesman for the Taliban during peace negotiations in Qatar. He also served as Deputy Ambassador at the Afghan Embassy in Pakistan.

For the United Nations, the move of Kabul looks non-ordinary because the makeup of the new Taliban government poses a dilemma for diplomats. Several of the interim Afghan ministers are on the UN’s so-called blacklist of international terrorists and funders of terrorism, Yahoo News reports.