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Talks continue in Italy to solve government crisis

Talks continue in Italy to solve government crisis

Italy plunged to the deepest ever political crisis after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned last week. The negotiations in Rome on Tuesday aimed at resolving the current government crisis, Prensa Latina reports.

The Italian politicians from the Five Star Movement, the Democratic Party, Free and Equal are participating in talks to find a way to resolve the current crisis.

The talks take place under the watchful eye of Chamber of Deputies President Roberto Fico, appointed by President Sergio Mattarella. After PM’s resignation, Italy needs to form a new government supported by a parliamentary majority.

Unfortunately, there are no clear signs to find a solution to the political crisis so far due to the persistent contradictions on many issues. In other words, Italy has no politician who is able to lead Cabinet.

Meanwhile, the main political parties insist that Giuseppe Conte stays on as prime minister.