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Taran Killam: reason of his leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

Taran Killam: reason of his leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

Taran Killam decided to leave the ‘Saturday Night Live’, in which he was cast member during six seasons. Killam is directing a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and this is on one of the reasons for leaving the SNL.

The new projects of Taran Killam became a reason for his leaving the ‘Saturday Night Live’. Taran wants to concentrate on the directing the movie Why We’re Killing Gunther, where Schwarzenegger is starring.

Taran Killam has been a cast member on  for the past six seasons but now decided to plunge into his own two projects. So, Killam will not be returning to the show for its upcoming 42nd season. In the terms of HR, Killam’s contract wasn’t just renewed by SNL, and Taran found out recently and was very surprised and noticeably disappointed.

But life is going on, and Killam has a lot to do before the releasing the comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger Why We’re Killing Gunther.