Today: Sunday, 3 March 2024 year

Taylor Swift just deleted her entire Instagram

Taylor Swift just deleted her entire Instagram

Taylor Swift’s followers are devastated – the pop star just deleted her entire Instagram and didn’t give any explanations. Whatever it is, the blonde is at the centre of attention, which is very important to any celebrity.

After deleting every picture from Swift’s Instagram account, the internet buzzes with the rumours. Taylor did her best in the deleting the account, she removed her profile picture and unfollowed everyone. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts also got similar treatment, with the profile pictures now showing as default grey boxes. What’s more, her official website is now also totally blank.

Obviously, such digital breakdown has a certain reason, but what’s that? The online debate started with speculations like ‘Is she releasing new music?’ and ‘She is taking a break from taking a break’. Many fans believe that the pop star will ‘come back with a new image’ or ‘Taylor Swift has a breakdown’.

Taylor Swift deleted her Instagram

Taylor Swift’s fan are devastated and miss so much her Instagram

There is no more Instagram account for Taylor Swift, and there is just one thing for sure – the singer tired from her presence online. Probably, Swift is gearing up to ‘do a Beyonce’ and release a new album with a new image overhaul.

Fans seem to agree that Swift’s new album is almost ready, so her managers are just increasing the level of hysteria to its maximum.