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Is Ted Cruz a better option than Donald Trump?

Is Ted Cruz a better option than Donald Trump?

After this week’s primary, Donald Trump secured another batch of delegates, bringing him one step closer to winning the GOP nomination for the White House. Still, despite his impressive results and popularity, there are a lot of Republicans who don’t want him to be the nominee.

Not all GOP members are fancying Trump

Not once important members of the Grand Old Party said that they don’t think that Donald Trump will win the nomination, and if he does, they won’t support him during the campaign. Even his competitors, like Marco Rubio and John Kasich, said that even though all candidates should back up the eventual winner, they are not sure about doing this. And it doesn’t stop here…

After Marco Rubio retired from the race, due to a disappointing result in Florida, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are the only three candidates left in the race for the nomination. If the Ohio Governor doesn’t have any real chances, scoring just a total of 143 delegates until now, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is still a dangerous runner-up, with 370 delegates. Considering that Trump has 460, we can say that there’s till room for surprises.

Apparently, Senator Lindsey Graham is sharing the same opinion, as he announced this Thursday that he will endorse Ted Cruz, calling him the “best choice for Republicans who want to avoid nominating Donald Trump in July,” according to The Washington Post.

Is Trump a real Republican?

“The bottom line is that I believe Donald Trump would be a disaster for the party,” Senator Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill. “I don’t think he’s a Republican. I don’t think he’s a reliable conservative. I think his campaign’s been based on xenophobia, race baiting and religious bigotry. I think the damage he would do the party would be enormous, and I don’t think he’s qualified to be commander in chief.”

Actually, Mr. Graham, a big Jeb Bush fan, was thinking about supporting John Kasich, but since the Ohio Governor doesn’t have any real chances, Ted Cruz was the only option.

“I prefer John Kasich; Cruz is not my first pick by any choice,” Graham said. “But I don’t see how John Kasich can mount the opposition that Ted Cruz can to stop Donald Trump from getting 1,237 delegates.”

As for Ted Cruz, he was definitely delighted – “thrilled”, as his campaign’s spokeswoman Catherine Fraizer said – with the huge support he received, especially because he and Lindsey Graham share the same opinion about the Israel community.

Who will Marco Rubio endorse?

Marco Rubio also seems to be fancying Cruz, calling him “the only true conservative left in the race”, but hasn’t said anything about a possible endorsement yet.

Still, back to Lindsey Graham, we can’t forget about a declaration made in January, claiming that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are similar candidates. “If you nominate Trump and Cruz I think you get the same outcome,” Graham said, quoted by The Washington Post. “Whether it’s death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter?”

Considering this, the big question is the following: Is Ted Cruz the best choice for the GOP? Well, he does have a lot of minuses, but we can say that his total number of minuses is not as big as Trump’s.