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Ted Cruz, On The Chopping Block Or Rising Republican Star?

Ted Cruz, On The Chopping Block Or Rising Republican Star?

Senator Ted Cruz is showing some power nowadays as his statistics are rising among the Republican presidential hopefuls, but that rise isn’t without its hazards.

Cruz, who had been trailing Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson is now the #2 contender among the GOP favorites, but it’s taking it’s toll on him from attacks from his own party members. Cruz who is more mainstream GOP than his rival Sen. Marco Rubio is more the pick than Rubio because Rubio is still considered a loose canon by Republicans as he’s defied them a number of times in the past. Donald Trump, the leading Republican contender knows that if Cruz gains momentum, his days are numbered. Trump has the lead only because he knows how to get attention. He bucks the system by speaking on hot button topics with opinionated absurdity and sophomoric critiques.

Where Trump acts like a stand up comedian, Cruz is more conservative. His critics are digging up any dirt they can to invalidate him but so far it’s not sticking. His first big hurdle was a brief controversy over his citizenship. Just like wha the Republicans tried with President Barack Obama, they’ve dug up items on Cruz and his parents who had Canadian citizenships. Cruz was born in Canada, as it turns out, and GOP rivals tried to say that alone disqualifies him or because the law says the president has to be born ‘in’ the United States but the law says that if one parent is an American citizen, the child is by default an American citizen.

Failing at the citizenship issue, they’re now focusing on Cruz’s finances, digging up rumors of hidden money and so on.

It’s like Cruz is being pecked to death by ducks, (tribute to Star Trek: Voyager), where these little bits of data on him keep emerging in an attempt to open a wound that the opposition can exploit.

What may happen is that by the time the GOP gets done with him, the Democrats won’t have anything to attack him with should he gain the Republican nomination. It might not be impossible for him to grasp this brass ring as Donald Trump is increasingly becoming an embarrassment to the GOP and his antics may well establish him as such a liability that his being nominated would place the GOP and country in great jeopardy especially if he gains the presidency. His tirades against race and religion means anything done to the people who are the brunt of his attacks may be involved in discrimination lawsuits that his commentary would support.

Republicans know they can’t control Rubio but Cruz and Rubio are all they have left since Dr. Ben Carson has fallen out of the popularity seat due to his absurd and ridiculous comments regarding history, religion, and science. Carson was in the catbird seat but his foot-in-mouth antics all but has torpedoed his chances leaving Cruz in second place.

Cruz is going to have to be cool. Shy away from being attacked by Trump and talk only about issues that the public is interested in which is corruption in government and industry, gun control, and other issues. He’ll then be seen as a candidate who can operate with cool while under pressure and build up the public’s perception of him as a man of confidence and direction.

It all depends on whether the GOP warms up to him. He’s Hispanic but he’s conservative. Those Hispanic votes mean a lot and the question remains if Hispanics will vote for him out of pride even if he supports agendas that are harmful to him.

Whether Caucasians will vote for Cruz depends on whether they can put aside their bigotry and believe in his ideology. He’s still young and impressionable so Cruz is going to have to cut to the chase and establish what it is he really stands for or the Democrats will tear him apart as just an opportunist.

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