Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

Will the presumed Sex Scandal end Ted Cruz’s campaign?

If the Democratic race for the nomination seems to be pretty much settled, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton having an important advantage over her competitor, Bernie Sanders, things are far from being over in the Republican club.

Donald Trump is currently leading the race, with 739 delegates, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t plan to quit any time soon, as he now has 465 delegates, keeping his hopes at winning the nomination alive. Still, one detail can destroy everything he managed to build until now…

Ted Cruz did a Clinton!

The latest rumors are claiming that Ted Cruz had an affair with his former communications director Amanda Carpenter. There’s no need to say that if this turns out to be true, the Senator will be put in a very uncomfortable situation, which could mean the end of his presidential bid.

Such allegations were first made by the National Enquirer, which claimed that Ted Cruz actually had romantic relations with several women. Still, the peak was reached when Mrs. Carpenter was invited on CNN to debate the latest feud between her former boss and Donald Trump with Boston Herald columnist Adriana Cohen.

After discussing the latest tweet exchange between the two republicans, through which they attacked, in some way or another, each other’s wives, Adriana Cohen dropped the bombshell.

The Senator is accused of having affairs with more than one woman!

“Oh, absolutely I think we should move on. Where we should move to is the National Enquirer story that has reported that has Ted Cruz has allegedly had affairs with five mistresses, including you’ve been named, Amanda… If we’re going call Donald Trump’s character into question, I would like Ted Cruz to issue a statement whether or not the National Enquirer story is true, that he has had affairs with many women, including–you were named, Amanda. Will you denounce this story or confirm it?”

Amanda Carpenter instantly accused Donald Trump’s campaign for being behind this story, which she claims to be false, but what’s more interesting is that this whole sex scandal could be the work of supporters of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, not Trump’s. It seems that Ted Cruz‘s opponents were trying to push chargers of adultery for a few months and Rubio’s allies were involved in this as well.

Was Rubio behind this for real?

This shouldn’t be a surprise, though. Back in 2010, Marco Rubio’s team did a similar move with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

As for Ted Cruz, he also condemned these allegations as untrue, putting the blame on Donald Trump, but the front-runner, as expected, denied being implied in this story.

“For him to try and say that I had to do with it, to try to put the shoe on the other foot, is disgraceful,” Donald Trump said, quoted by The Inqisitr.

For the moment, there’s no evidence about Mr. Cruz being involved in this scandal, but if it turns out to be true, his campaign might as well be considered over. After all, let’s not forget what happened last time when a President was involved in something similar…