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Tesla Autopilot can be a lifesaver, study says

Tesla Autopilot can be a lifesaver, study says

Tesla S Model and a two auto crashes last summer showed the imperfect status of an Autopilot system, but despite it, the system is able to be a lifesaver too. Many incidents, during which Tesla S model did its best and saved lives of pedestrian illustrate the good side of an Autopilot.

Many consumers are too skeptical regarding using the Autopilot system in Tesla S cars. But when Musk insists that Tesla’s autopilot would save 500,000 lives a year if it were deployed universally — sounds a bit loud. Unless you can read the statistics on traffic incidents,

Tesla company has released all its testing and tracking data, one of the few specific figures was autopilot ones. According to published information, an Autopilot safely used in more than 130 million miles of driving before the first fatality. That is a higher ratio of miles to deaths than the U.S. or global averages.

So, why people don’t trust in Autopilot from Tesla? Maybe, we need the elementary math to demonstrate conclusively that autopilot is safer than human drivers? If the driver is using proper mode and controlling the nuances, hard to believe in an accident on the road.

Any new feature or mechanism needs enough time to use it in a proper way. Maybe, it’s also fair to assume that the technology will get safer over time as Tesla and other companies study and learn from its errors. The only question is whether the public can or should tolerate its rare mistakes in the meantime.

Now, Tesla Autopilot isn’t perfect, but it’s learning, day by day. And its smart system today is saving lives, study says.