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Tesla Model 3: no free electricity for it

Tesla Model 3: no free electricity for it

According to Tesla’s statistics, there’re 500,000 people around the world have ordered a Tesla Model 3. If you’re on them, you’ll be surprised, because you won’t qualify for free use of the Superchargers from Tesla company.

Alas, the Tesla Model 3 won’t come with free electricity, but proud owners of Model S and Model X will have to get the electricity at no extra cost. The surprise is not only lower purchase price for the next Model 3, but also an explanation of such a low price. Tesla company just can’t make the numbers add up if it wants to turn a profit on its first mass-market automobile.

The company’s management, however, believes that a solution of this problem exists. Tesla is looking at the option of offering no-cost Supercharger use for life as a paid-for option on the Model 3. Meanwhile, Tesla shareholders ask Elon Musk about free electricity and its influence on the car’s price. Mr Musk answered “I’m selling cars as cheaply as I can’. In other words, falling production costs for the native batteries meant to low purchase prices in the future. As Musk noted at the meeting with shareholders:

‘The price is based on what our car is costing. We aspire to add roughly 25% – which has to cover all our sales costs, the overheads, the engineering and the R&D and investment for future products.’