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Tesla to send help to Puerto Rico: hundreds of battery packs

Tesla to send help to Puerto Rico: hundreds of battery packs

Tesla is ready to help the population of Puerto Rico that suffers from Hurricane Irma, Elon Musk’s corporation is sending hundreds of battery packs. Those can capture energy generated by solar panels under sunny circumstances.

Tesla is now shipping hundreds of Powerwalls to Puerto Rico as the island continues to suffer from power outages, the innovative at-home battery pack is able to capture energy generated by solar panels.

After Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the island, its population suffers from the blackout. The entire island’s 3.5 million residents need the electricity for maintaining the normal daily life. So far, the generators are helping power high-priority buildings like hospitals, but power likely won’t return to the entire island for another six months.

The government of Puerto Rico thanks a lot to Elon Musk for his sincere and timely help to all islanders.

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The Powerwall by Tesla can fill this gap in some areas as Puerto Rico works to repairs island’s electrical grid. On Monday, Tesla spokesperson informed that corporation’s employees are on the ground in Puerto Rico to assist in the installation of hundreds of the Powerwalls and repair solar panels.