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Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the UK

Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the UK

Thanksgiving Day is hard to imagine without the Black Friday. On this day (with a terrible name) all the adult people become happy as possible. On Black Friday you can buy anything for a ridiculous price, the lowest in a year. Therefore, the people in the UK are going to buy everything with tag ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Sale’.

Thanksgiving day brings us the Black Friday, too. First there was Boxing Day, now there is Black Friday. Twenty-four hours devoted to buying things for absurdly cheap prices. Whether it is online or battling a swarm of like-minded enthusiastic shoppers on the high street, Black Friday is where you will find the bargains. So, how can you get to grips with the big day?

What is Black Friday?

For those not familiar, it is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and for over a decade now has been the busiest shopping day of they year over there. Now the craze has moved across the Atlantic and Black Friday is one of the two busiest shopping days on the calendar.

When is Black Friday?

As previously mentioned, Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving which falls on Thursday 24 November so Black Friday this year will happen on Friday 25 November 2016.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Good question, and one that there isn’t a definitive answer too. Many think that it’s because businesses see huge profit on the day hence the ‘into the black’ term as opposed to losses which would be coloured in red. Or maybe it’s because it’s also hell on earth for people who work in retail and anyone who has a strong distaste to shopping.

What can I buy on Black Friday?

What CAN’T you buy more like? Retailers will do anything to get hold of your money so if it can be sold for cheap then it will be sold for cheap. Expect ludicrous deals on TVs, laptops, iPads, Xboxes and even holidays.