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Thanksgiving Day: the airlines expect more travellers

Thanksgiving Day: the airlines expect more travellers

Thanksgiving Day brings to the airlines of the USA and Canada much more passengers. Millions of citizens are flying to their home and back, this year airlines expect 25 million passengers around Thanksgiving holiday. According to the statistic, all these people will fly U.S. airlines worldwide from Nov. 18 to Nov. 29.

Thanksgiving Day is a family holiday, that’s why Americans and Canadians used to fly to spend this season time with the nearest and dearest. In 2016, please, forget the long lines and crowded planes last Thanksgiving as holiday travel surged.

The airlines now think they’ve prepared very well, they have boosted the number of flights and size of planes for an average 74,000 seats each day during the holiday travel period. In November, the airlines of the U.S. are anticipating a 2.5% increase in the legions of people who are travelling to visit family on the long holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving Day this year will be very comfortable for passengers, the airlines say the increased capacity will accommodate the increased demand that developed as fare prices dropped.

Travelers should rest assured that while more people will be flying, there will be more than an adequate number of seats available,”

said John Heimlich, chief economist for the trade group Airlines for America, which represents most of the largest carriers.

Thanksgiving Day travels: facts and figures

Thanksgiving Day in the terms of the airlines means more than 27 million passengers, that is the record for the holiday.  The anticipated increase will add an average 55,000 daily passengers, which is less than the space added.

Facts and figures formed the annual statistic, which is helping to make a prognosis. This year the anticipated increase will add an average 55,000 daily passengers, among the most popular destinations are New York, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Fransico and Newark.

Thanksgiving Day travels have their peak, in 2016 it’ll be Nov 27, Sunday. The airlines expect to carry an average 2.27 million passengers daily during the travel period Nov. 18 to Nov. 29. The passenger volumes ranging from 1.51 million passengers to 2.81 million. The busiest days will be Sunday, Nov. 27; Monday, Nov. 28; and Wednesday, Nov. 23. The lightest day will be Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24.