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Thanksgiving Day 2016: turkey dinner and budgeting advice

Thanksgiving Day 2016: turkey dinner and budgeting advice

Thanksgiving Day 2016 is the upcoming holiday, about 85% of Americans will celebrate it in a traditional way, with the turkey dinner. About 45 million turkeys will give their all to become part of the festivities.

Thanksgiving Day 2016 make the Americans buy the turkeys, the average price of it is $23.44 for a 16-pound turkey, Thus, Americans will spend about $1.05 billion for their main course. In comparison, we are spending just $10,000 more on Christmas candy, statistic says.

Thanksgiving festivities is an important date for the Americans, it’s National day, which the people use to spend with their families. According to the site, a cost of the turkey is just a small part of the money spent on November dinner. For an instance, last year Americans rang up $733 billion in new credit card debt in the 4th quarter, and the accountants are expecting the higher amount to be added in 2016.

Michelle Hutchison, a money expert at, has some advice on budgeting on the eve of Thanksgiving Day 2016 and upcoming Christmas:

‘But what is really going to save you money in the long-term is setting a budget ahead of time. Creating a budget can help you avoid having to use your credit card and accruing interest if you don’t pay it off in time.

If you do find yourself using your credit card more than usual and struggle to pay it off, it’s worth considering a balance transfer where you can transfer your debt to another card with low or no interest for a certain period of time.’

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day in 2016!