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That’s why a 1970 quarter costs $35,000 in 2016

That’s why a 1970 quarter costs $35,000 in 2016

An auction site eBay offers some U.S. quarters made in 1970 for $35,000, and that’s why. Coins minted in 1970 have some defect, a misprint actually. This unusual feature makes the coins so valuable nowadays.

According to numismats, in 1970 the U.S. have minted certain quantity of 25-cents coins. Their secret was they’ve been overprinting on 1941 Canadian quarters. So, if you can loook more attentively at those rare coins, becomes obviously a tiny misprint on their surface. Such a defect make those quarters so valuable, around $35,000 in 2016.

Experts say, that a small number of supercoins produced in 1970 were printed over 1941 Canadian 25-cents. That’s why some of the coins didn’t re-print in a proper way, and that means there’s a tiny “1941” marking above the word “dollar” one some of the coins.

By the way, such a misprint is not easy to see with naked eye, only experts are able to do it. If you hesitate, don’t waste the time and ask professional assistance. It worth it, because you can sell rare numismatic lot on the auction eBay for $35,000 approximately.

This our news sounds incredible, because 1970 is not 1070 or something else related to antiques. But who knows, maybe better to check under the couch cushions, or break open the piggy bank! Whatever it was, wish you the only success in your searching and further auctioning.