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THE BOX: Smart packaging box can handle 1,000 shipments

THE BOX: Smart packaging box can handle 1,000 shipments

The period of quarantine became the rarest opportunity for the startups to prove their innovations are smart, useful and sustainable. Like THE BOX, a connected delivery box made of proprietary material, designed for at least 1,000 shipments. A real eco-friendly solution for the modern globe, Springwise reports.

The lockdown across the globe made people improve the system of delivery. A smart, sustainable packaging company, LivingPackets, has partnered with ePaper technology business, E Ink, to create their unique THE BOX. In fact, a suitcase-size box is able to overlive at least 1,000 shipments. More use, less carbon footprint.

When required, the pieces of THE BOX will be refurbished for an additional 1,000 uses. The paperless label makes addressing shipments quick and easy and allows businesses to accommodate last-minute amendments to delivery locations.

THE BOX was created by LivingPackets engineers. The box made of the proprietary recyclable, reusable material, while design includes sensors for temperature, weight and humidity, a camera and an alarm system.

A LivingPackets company uses blockchain to track shipments

The company uses blockchain to track shipments, and THE BOX is available for both business and personal use. One design incorporates two sizes of packaging, and no additional materials such as bubble wrap or carton are required to keep products safe. The eco-friendly box reduces the CO2-footprint, and that is an important aspect, too.

To sum it up, THE BOX was recognised in the 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Innovation Awards as an Honoree. Under the current unstable situation, the idea of THE BOX is gaining popularity. As the experts believe, the global e-commerce market is estimated to be at almost €4.5 trillion next year.

With many products still packaged in single-use plastics, the volume of waste generated leaves much still to be addressed. The most innovative approach to this may lie in skipping the move to recyclable materials, and going straight to technologically-enabled systems. From packaging to delivery and returns, businesses have a broad scope within which to pursue meaningful change.