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The British Home Office called protesting climate activists “ecoidiots.”

The British Home Office called protesting climate activists “ecoidiots.”

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman called climate change activists “ecoidiots” at the Conservative Party’s annual convention.

“The next election will also be a battle over law and order… between a Conservative government that wants to help ordinary people live their lives without hindrance, and a Labor Party that shows support for the eco-idiots who are blocking our roads, stopping mums from taking their kids to school, getting in the way workers getting to work and preventing ambulances from getting to hospitals,” she said during the speech.

Braverman noted that lawyers from the opposition Labor Party provide them with legal support, and many donors finance their activities.

It was previously reported that in just three months of 2023 – between April and June – protests by environmental activists cost the British treasury nine million pounds. Additionally, in May, London police officers lost the equivalent of nearly 11,000 shifts responding to calls related to Just Stop Oil protests.

In 2022, Just Stop Oil activists glued themselves to paintings in galleries, threw paint on the buildings of various organizations, and organized various protests and demonstrations that led to traffic disruptions in central London. In 2023, environmental activists continued their protests. In April, they even disrupted the first round matches of the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield by staining the table with orange powder paint.