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The death toll of civilians in Sudan has risen to 198.

The death toll of civilians in Sudan has risen to 198.

The number of civilians killed during armed clashes in Sudan has reached almost 200, according to the Al-Jazeera TV channel, citing the Sudanese doctors’ committee.

“The number of civilian casualties since the beginning of the clashes has risen to 198 dead and 1,207 injured,” the publication says.

Earlier, the UN reported 185 dead and 1.8 thousand injured.

Clashes between the Sudanese Rapid Reaction Force and the regular army began on April 15, after the SRF deployed its units in the city of Meroe in the north of the country. At the same time, the special forces accuse the military of attacking their base, and the army claims that the Rapid Reaction Forces attacked first. In addition, the troops deny claims that the RRF took control of the presidential palace and the international airport in Khartoum.

After three days of fighting, the parties agreed to a truce. It was supposed to take effect on April 18 at 18:00, but the following morning, gunfire was again reported. On the evening of April 19, both the SBR and the army again announced a truce for a day.