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The Democratic split over Gaza is becoming a problem for Biden.

The Democratic split over Gaza is becoming a problem for Biden.

The growing split in the US Democratic Party regarding the actions of American President Joe Biden around the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is becoming a serious political problem for the head of state, The Hill newspaper reports.

“The growing rift within the Democratic Party over President Biden’s handling of Israel’s war with (Palestinian movement) Hamas is becoming a serious political problem for the 81-year-old president,” the publication said.

It is emphasized that this also overlaps with the difficulties that Biden faces when working with young voters and when trying to “energize” his own party.

As the publication says, analysts and democratic strategists note growing disappointment towards the owner of the White House on the part of liberal-minded party members, especially young Democrats, which could deal a blow to the party in 2024, when the United States will hold not only presidential elections, but the next congressional elections.

In particular, experts note that if the US elections were held in the next two weeks, the Democrats would have a “really big problem.” A separate argument is provided by sociological surveys. Thus, according to a study by NBC News, 70% of voters aged 18 to 34 do not approve of Biden’s actions on the situation in the Middle East.

It also points out that Biden’s reluctance to call for a ceasefire from Israel is becoming a separate issue that is causing significant tension among progressive Democratic supporters. In the US House of Representatives, more than 40 Democrats called for a ceasefire in the Middle East.

Finally, Biden’s ratings are also being hurt by the actions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has “largely ignored” the US President’s calls for a more cautious use of military force to reduce casualties among the Palestinian population.

This leaves the American leader “at risk of appearing weak,” and the longer the conflict continues to escalate, the more likely it is to escalate into a regional standoff, threatening to embroil Biden in a series of related political difficulties.