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The doctor spoke about Berlusconi’s condition.

The doctor spoke about Berlusconi’s condition.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was hospitalized on Wednesday, is responding well to therapy “in a difficult situation”, his condition is stable, his doctor Alberti Zangrillo said.

“Even in the face of serious pathology, in a really difficult situation he responds well to therapy,” he told reporters outside Milan’s San Raffaele clinic.

Speaking about the 86-year-old politician’s treatment strategy, Zangrillo said that she has “neither optimism nor pessimism” because they do not meet the criteria of a serious physician. His words are quoted by the newspaper la Repubblica.

“Our goal is to be able to resolve the clinical and pathological picture. Lung infection is a complication of a pathological clinical picture of a different nature, which we treat in the best possible way,” Zangrillo said, ending by urging journalists to go home and celebrate Easter, adding that “here Nothing will happen today.”


Berlusconi spent the third night in the intensive care unit of Milan’s San Raffaele hospital. The head of the Italian Foreign Ministry, Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani, after talking with him, said that the former prime minister is feeling well.