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The Estonian opposition initiates a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Kallas.

The Estonian opposition initiates a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Kallas.

The parliamentary faction of the Center Party decided to start negotiations with other parties to pass a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Kaya Kallas in connection with the scandal related to the entrepreneurial activities of her husband Arvo Hallik in Russia, head of the faction Tanel Kiik said on Friday.

Earlier, the state broadcasting portal ERR reported that the transport company Stark Logistics, partly owned by Kallas’ husband, still continues to transport goods to Russia. This information caused a great resonance in society.

“Members of the Center Party believe that the scandal with Kaja Kallas caused serious damage to the reputation of the Estonian state. Kallas was one of the most active defenders of Ukraine’s interests both in Estonia and in Europe and emphasized the importance of imposing and enforcing sanctions. Unfortunately, she did not live up to her words and did not give a clear answer to the question whether she knew that her husband’s company operates in Russia. In the light of the explanations presented so far, Kaja Kallas has no moral right to remain as prime minister,” Kiik told.

According to the politician, opposition parties, as well as a number of representatives of coalition parties, have already expressed their critical attitude towards the activities of the prime minister. “And we decided to start negotiations between the parties on the issue of vote of no confidence,” Kiik added.

Kallas said earlier that she sees no reason for the resignation and clarified that in the case of Hallik’s entrepreneurial activities, one cannot talk about cooperation with Russia. The activity of Stark Logistics in Russia was terminated and now the service is provided only to one Estonian company, which ceases production activities in Russia, this process is at the final stage.

The prime minister emphasized that Stark Logistics did not violate sanctions or unwritten rules. She noted that, according to Arvo Hallik, the company has an internal rule according to which trucks cannot be refueled in Russia during transportation, so that the money does not remain in the Russian Federation.
In order for a vote of no confidence to be passed by parliament, the support of at least 51 deputies (out of 101) is required. The ruling coalition has 60 seats in parliament.