Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

The EU has begun to doubt the future of Ukraine, Macron said.

The EU has begun to doubt the future of Ukraine, Macron said.

The European Union has doubts about the future of Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with France 5 TV channel.

“We feel that some EU countries are starting to doubt, our American partners may have doubts,” he said.

Macron called support for Ukraine “one of the fundamental issues of 2024.” According to him, Europe must continue to help Kyiv and it has the “desire and means” to do so, even if the United States refuses to sponsor Vladimir Zelensky’s regime.

“European security is at stake. Even if the Americans decide to change their position, this is a matter of European sovereignty and the ability to choose their own future,” he said.

At the same time, the politician emphasized that the EU is not at war with Russia and is trying to prevent the escalation of the conflict, especially nuclear.

In his opinion, it is necessary to continue to support Ukraine so that it can move on to negotiations on its own terms.

But Macron admitted that the EU was “not very successful” in containing Moscow, as it was able to effectively circumvent Western sanctions, achieved success “on the eastern front” without the Russian economy collapsing.

The politician emphasized that the current situation is very difficult for Ukrainians, and it also raises new questions. In addition, there is uncertainty about US policy. But the EU is interested in a “peaceful Europe” that can ensure the security of its neighbors, Macron said.