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The EU is ready to engage with China on the conflict in Ukraine, Borrell said.

The EU is ready to engage with China on the conflict in Ukraine, Borrell said.

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced the bloc’s readiness to “seriously interact” with China to “search for a solution” on Ukraine, the Financial Times newspaper writes, citing a letter that came into its possession, addressed to the foreign ministers of the EU member states.


According to the publication, in his letter, Borrell “stressed the EU’s readiness to seriously engage with Beijing on the conflict in Ukraine, despite its support from Moscow.”

According to the text of the letter, Borrell said the EU “welcomes all really positive steps from China to find a solution.

In addition, the head of EU diplomacy stressed that the countries of the union should not seek to “block the growing power of developing countries“, thereby hinting, according to the publication, at the unwillingness of member states to accept a tougher US approach to China. Also, Borrell said that Brussels should consider China’s influence when dealing with low-income countries, cautioning against the expectation that these countries “take one side or the other.

“The EU must be aware that many countries see China’s geopolitical influence as a counterbalance to the West and therefore Europe. They will seek to increase their own room for maneuver without choosing sides,” he wrote.

The Chinese authorities in February proposed their peace plan. It includes 12 points, including calls for a ceasefire, respect for the legitimate interests of all countries in the field of security, and the settlement of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, many points of the Chinese peace plan can be taken as the basis for a settlement when they are ready for this in the West and in Kyiv.