Today: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 year

The EU proposed to strengthen maritime and space security.

The EU proposed to strengthen maritime and space security.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, together with the European Commission, adopted joint appeals on new strategies for maritime and space security, Nabil Massrali, spokeswoman for the union’s foreign service, said at a briefing in Brussels.

According to her, the new strategy “will provide the EU countries with a basis for action in these areas, will protect the security and interests of the EU at sea and in space.”

In a widespread statement by the European Commission, it is indicated that “the EU intends to strengthen the wide range of instruments at its disposal to ensure maritime security, both civilian and military.”

It is noted that the updated strategy in the field of maritime security will replace the old strategy from 2014, “which no longer takes into account the threats that have increased and multiplied since 2014.”

The new “European Space Security and Defense Strategy” also speaks of the need to protect the interests of the EU countries, but already in the field of space and space security, “to restrain harmful activity.”

“The strategy proposes actions to enhance the resilience and protection of EU space systems and services… sets out concrete measures to mobilize EU tools to respond to space threats,” the EC said in a statement.

In addition, the new European space strategy “proposes the maximum use of space for security and defence.”