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The EU told Hungary and Poland accept migrants under the quota or leave

The EU told Hungary and Poland accept migrants under the quota or leave

The European Union state members have certain obligations, one of it is a quota for migrants. But Hungary and Poland refused to fulfil this promises, and the EU warned theses states either accept migrants or leave the Union.

The polls in Hungary and Poland demonstrate an evident trend: people of these EU states are against being forced to accept thousands of migrants with a non-European background. But under the EU rules, both countries have to do it as soon as possible. Or leave the EU – the choice is simple.

Poland’s public opinion showed the strong rejection regarding the migrants, the previous government agreed to take the guests from the Middle East and North Africa under the quota system, and such decision made Poland’s citizens very angry.

The prime minister of Hungary believes that quota system is wrong, he added that forcing EU states to take a quota of refugees is unlawful and spreads terrorism around the continent.

Mass migrantion, Hungary

Hungary and Poland show the alarming trend of disobeying the rules of EU, being a part of it. If the unity has a price, the government of these two countries has to choose: leave or obey.

The issue of quotas is in agenda of the European Court of Justice, in the coming weeks, this body will identify the legality of quotas. The lawyers stress that the final decision on this case will come likely by the end of the year.