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The European Commission called on Serbia to make new compromises on the Kosovo issue.

The European Commission called on Serbia to make new compromises on the Kosovo issue.

The European Commission (EC) called on the Serbian leadership to make new compromises in the framework of negotiations with the Kosovo Albanian authorities under the auspices of the EU and to support sanctions against Russia.

The EC on Wednesday released its annual report on the progress of countries in the Western Balkans region towards European integration, including Serbia. The document notes that on the issue of good neighborly relations and regional cooperation, Belgrade is committed to establishing good bilateral relations with its neighbors. Separately noted were the improvements in relations with Croatia and the intensification of the development of cooperation with Hungary.

“Serbia remains engaged in the dialogue on normalization of relations with (self-proclaimed) Kosovo under the auspices of the EU, but must demonstrate greater commitment, make more efforts and make compromises to push the process of normalization of relations with Kosovo forward. Serbia must maintain a commitment to dialogue and begin to fully implement previous agreements in the dialogue and the (Ohrid) Agreement on the Path to Normalization of Relations and its implementation annex,” the report says.

It is emphasized that relations between Belgrade and Pristina over the year were marked by several crises, the largest of which was armed clashes in northern Kosovo on September 24. In this context, the EC called for the speedy holding of municipal elections in northern Kosovo with the participation of the Serbs inhabiting it to form local authorities.

“Serbia is expected, as a matter of priority, to increase its coherence with the EU’s foreign and security policy, including EU restrictive measures, and to refrain from actions that are contrary to the EU’s foreign policy position,” the European Commission said.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, during the visit of EC President Ursula von der Leyen to Belgrade on October 31, said that the main obstacles to Serbia’s accession to the EU are the refusal to impose sanctions on Russia and recognize the independence of Kosovo.