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The European Council threatened Israel with isolation.

The European Council threatened Israel with isolation.

Israel will find itself isolated if it does not stop violating international law in the Gaza Strip, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel said.

“We all advise Israel to adhere to the rules of international law in carrying out its defense… Israel is not interested in being isolated from the international community at some point. Therefore, it is important for Israel to be careful about these rules,” he said.

He noted that a complete blockade of an entire sector does not comply with international law, and the protection of civilians must be ensured.

Michel stressed that the EU’s “absolute priority” is to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through a two-state solution. He noted that the EU should organize an international conference on this issue.

“I think it is necessary to use the coming weeks to organize an international conference. The EU can and should take the lead to promote this two-state solution, to prepare a concrete plan, concrete solutions that can serve as the basis for a compromise.” he said.