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The flooded German fleet appeared from the water on the Danube

The flooded German fleet appeared from the water on the Danube

Due to the fall of the water level in the Danube, the wreckage of German warships flooded during World War II appeared on the surface of the river near the Serbian city of Prahovo.

The ships were sunk in 1944 during the retreat of the Black Sea Fleet of Nazi Germany under the onslaught of the Soviet Red Army.

According to the agency, the Danube, which has become shallow due to record heat, has exposed the wreckage of about 20 German ships, some of which are in fairly good condition – they have partially preserved towers, cabins and masts.

According to Velimir Trajilovich, a resident of Prahovo, who wrote a book about the ships sunk in the Danube, the wreckage poses a serious danger, and not only for navigation. On board the German ships were ammunition, and we are talking about about 10,000 explosive devices that could detonate at any moment.

“The German flotilla left behind a great ecological catastrophe that threatens us, the inhabitants of Prahovo,” said Trajilovich.

In March of this year, the Serbian government announced a tender for the disposal of explosive devices located in the Danube near Prahovo and the removal of shipwrecks. The cost of the work was estimated at 29 million euros.