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The French Armed Forces said that they are preparing to participate in the most severe conflicts.

The French Armed Forces said that they are preparing to participate in the most severe conflicts.

The French army is preparing to participate in “the toughest” conflicts, said the chief of staff of the French ground forces, General Pierre Schille, amid statements by President Emmanuel Macron about the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine.

“The French army is ready. No matter how the international situation develops, the French can be convinced that their soldiers will respond with readiness. To protect themselves from attacks on it and to protect their interests, the French army is preparing for the most difficult battles, declaring it and demonstrating it,” – he said.

According to Schill, the challenge is to ensure that “the strength demonstrated by our troops reverses the trend” so that it “detains attacks on France.”

He recalled that France relies for defense on its nuclear arsenal, as well as on a “trained army compatible with the armies of the allies,” especially in Europe.

France is capable of deploying 20 thousand soldiers for up to 30 days, as well as commanding forces of up to 60 thousand people, including allied armies, Schille noted. In total, it has 121 thousand soldiers, another 24 thousand can be called up from among the reservists.

Mond previously reported that the issue of the possible sending of French soldiers to Ukraine began to be considered in the summer of 2023, and the weakness of the Ukrainian army “worries” Paris. It was noted that in a narrow circle Macron said in February that “this year” he “will have to send the guys to Odessa.”

Following a conference in support of Ukraine in Paris at the end of February, Macron said that the EU had agreed to create a “ninth coalition for deep strikes” – supplying Ukraine with medium- and long-range missiles. He also said that France will do everything to prevent Russia “from winning this war.” According to him, the leaders of Western countries have discussed the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, a consensus has not yet been reached, “but nothing can be ruled out.” During a meeting with opposition leaders in early March, Macron reiterated that France “has no limits and no red lines” on the issue of assistance to Ukraine.