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The Germans began to wash less often

The Germans began to wash less often

More than half of the inhabitants of Germany began to wash less often and faster. So say the results of the INSA survey.

The calls of the traffic-light coalition (“red” social democrats, “yellow” liberals and “greens”) for saving made an impression on the Germans. So, 62% of Germans began to save water when visiting the bathroom, while 35% “did not subject their behavior in the shower to politically necessary changes.

At the same time, Green voters are in the forefront of “less washing”: 33% of them now have time to take a shower in a shorter time than before the introduction of sanctions against Russia, the same number have become less likely to wash. In other groups of voters, only 9-18% are currently washing less often and for less time than before.

According to the survey, almost one in two Germans (45%) took measures to keep warm during the “winter without Russian gas” with their own means, while 44% of Germans intend to take part in demonstrations against high energy prices.