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The Greek Prime Minister called the protests of farmers in Europe justified.

The Greek Prime Minister called the protests of farmers in Europe justified.

The protests by farmers across Europe are largely justified because they are caused by excessive pressure on them due to the policies of the socialists and the “greens,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.

In recent days, protests by farmers have been growing in the EU countries, demanding a change in the pan-European agricultural policy, the lifting of numerous restrictions, including environmental ones, and a stop to the uncontrolled import of cheap foreign products. Various trade union associations claim that in the EU the work of farmers has practically ceased to be profitable due to the policies of the European Commission and countries.

“It is worth remembering, since European elections have a European dimension and since New Democracy (of which Mitsotakis is a representative) is a leading player in the European People’s Party, that it was the European People’s Party that managed to put some barriers to the sometimes excessive demands and proposals of the socialists and the Greens “What were they? In the name of such a desired and desired ecological transition of agriculture, significantly reduce the cultivated area, reduce assistance, tighten production methods. All that is what European farmers are rightfully complaining about today,” Mitsotakis said.

He delivered a greeting at the presentation of the book by the head of his press service, Dimitris Tsiodras, “European Union. Adventures of a Vision,” the text of the greeting was distributed by the press service.

“The “green” transition is necessary, but it must be carried out carefully and in moderation, especially in the primary sector,”  the Greek Prime Minister added.