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The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry called accusations of anti-Semitism a “red line.”

The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry called accusations of anti-Semitism a “red line.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó called accusations of anti-Semitism against the Hungarian authorities by US Ambassador to the country David Pressman as crossing a “red line” that Budapest is not ready to tolerate because it is not “one of the stars” on the American flag.

“Between you and me, is David Pressman more right to accuse us of anti-Semitism or (should) raise this issue in relation to America, seeing the events of the last weeks and months there… This is such a crossing of the “red line” and such a serious insult to us from Mr. Ambassador, that we are not obliged and are not ready to endure it”, he said.

He stressed that Hungary “gives permission to work for ambassadors, not viceroys.” “We are an independent state, and not one of the stars on the blue background (of the US flag). Let this be clear to everyone,” Szijjarto added.

The Secretary of State of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, responsible for bilateral relations, Tamas Menczer, previously rejected accusations of anti-Semitism from the American Embassy and said that Hungary is not the 51st state of America, and Pressman is the governor.

Pressman previously noted that this was an important moment for Hungary to chart its future path and called on Budapest to strengthen relations with Western allies. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban previously said that Budapest is interested in maintaining ties with Russia for as long as possible, but no one can say whether this will succeed.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó, during a visit to Sarajevo, called it shocking and outrageous that the US State Department makes reports on the state of human rights in other countries, based on unilateral information, which, in turn, is financed by the US itself, and interferes in the internal affairs of others states