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The head of the Indian Foreign Ministry spoke about the disagreements within the G20.

The head of the Indian Foreign Ministry spoke about the disagreements within the G20.

The G20 countries have sharp differences of opinion on a number of issues, but must act together, as the world expects, said Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar at the opening of the meeting of G20 foreign ministers.

“We first came together in the midst of a global crisis and today, once again, we are effectively facing multiple crises. These include the impact of the Covid pandemic, concerns about supply chains, side effects of ongoing conflicts, concerns about the debt crisis and climate disruption. We don’t always agree on these issues. There are some issues that cause sharp differences of opinion. However, we must find common ground and point the way, because this is what the world expects from us,” Jaishankar said.

He noted that the agenda of the meeting includes the problems of food security, fertilizers and fuel, and these are important issues for developing countries.

“We heard the concerns of developing countries in January at the Voice of the Global South summit. Such issues should not be relegated to the fringes of international discourse. They are indeed critical to the global economy and should be treated as such… should also strive to create more reliable and sustainable supply chains.Recent experience has highlighted the risks of dependence on limited geographic regions,” the Indian FM added.

According to him, the current situation requires “that we continue to fulfill our international obligations.”

“The G20 must take into account the priorities and economic concerns of all our partners, especially those who are more vulnerable. We must ensure demand-driven and sustainable development cooperation based on country ownership and transparency. Respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity are the most important guiding principles of such cooperation,” Jaishankar added.