Today: Monday, 26 February 2024 year

The head of the Pentagon was placed in the intensive care unit.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin is back in the hospital and is in the intensive care unit due to bladder problems, Walter Reed Army Medical Center said.

“This evening, after a series of tests and examinations, the minister was placed in the intensive care unit <…> for supportive treatment and careful observation,” the clinic said.

It is not yet known how long Austin will remain in the hospital. But doctors believe the current problem will not affect his expected full recovery.

The Pentagon said the secretary continues to perform his duties, but his deputy is ready to take over if necessary. Austin stays in touch. The White House, Congress and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were informed about the situation, the military department added.

At the end of December, the Pentagon chief underwent surgery to treat prostate cancer, and on New Year’s Day he returned to the hospital due to inflammation of the urinary tract and fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity. He was discharged on January 15, he worked from home for some time, and at the end of the month he appeared at the department, but appeared noticeably thinner and haggard. As part of his treatment, Austin undergoes physical therapy and regular check-ups with doctors.

The minister’s hospitalization caused a scandal, since for several days his condition was hidden not only from the public, but also from President Joe Biden.

Austin later admitted the mistake and issued a public apology.